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    Some of our thoughts


      I think there’s a lot of comfort in having a photog’ and videog’ that know each other and enjoy working together. Without needing to develop a relationship with a new vendor, we already know and respect each others needs, boundaries, and shooting styles, and help each other out where we can, working as a team. From my perspective, this makes the day waaayyy more fun (for us – but by extension everyone), it‘s more relaxed, and stress-free. Our styles are matched when we work on the same wedding, so you can have a stylistically cohesive video and photo collection too!

      Well… because we are just so awesome!
      No, really. That is exactly why you should book us together!
      Oh, and a cohesive gallery + film. Photographers and videographers have their own style, a method of shooting, editing/grading, and at times these can clash! We capture and edit in collaboration to ensure they flow, and compliment each other.

      Why did you start shooting weddings, and what keeps you in the game?

      It was a way of combining my two long time passions of filmmaking and music, as emotion tends to drive everything I create (film or music), I quickly became enamoured with creating these super emotional films and telling couples’ stories. I do it because I genuinely do enjoy it, not to make a living, I love being responsible and depended on for something so close to people, and I love doing their day justice (and to read all the wonderful comments!) by combining music, and vision and dialogue from the day to create something new, heartfelt, and wonderful. It’s pretty regular to cry during editing.

      The very first wedding I shot was for free, it was a trial. As a budding photographer or any kind of artist, you’re always searching for your ‘niche’, your market. I shot my first wedding, and I loved it! That 1 wedding became 5, 5 turned into over 100, and with every wedding, I am more taken with the story.
      I love how the lead up to the wedding day is so precise and well planned. But then that all falls out the window, and all that is left is PURE HAPPINESS.
      Shooting weddings give me a constant supply of warm fuzzies and a sore face. I didn’t have these smile wrinkles till I started shooting weddings, but it is beyond worth it.